Birdie says, “tweet tweet” – Donkey says, “he-haw”

Sitting on my back porch listening to the birds “tweeting” while I am sharing “tweets.” Too funny! Farrier day for any donkey owner is a stressful one, but a job that must be done. My favorite donkey rescue, Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, recently tweeted about their successful farrier day – trimming 185 donkey’s hooves over a two-day period. Wow! Like any animals, donkeys are a … Continue reading Birdie says, “tweet tweet” – Donkey says, “he-haw”


If I would and could (these words are key) create a functional mobile app, it would be called AppDOPT ME. Every day there are farm animals out there being abused and neglected and my hope for this app is to find new homes for these precious creatures who seek the love and attention all pets need and want.   AppDOPT ME would allows users to … Continue reading AppDOPT ME